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The aim of this research was to determine the roles and responsibilities of teachers in implementing character education at MTs Al Ma'had An Nur. This research was a field research with a descriptive-qualitative approach. The population of this research were all 50 teachers at MTs Al Ma'had An Nur, and a sample of 20 teachers of class IX. Methods of data collection in this research using observation, interviews, and documentation. The results of the research were adequate learning facilities, good extracurricular activities, optimal teacher role in routine activities and spontaneous activities. Teachers had created slogans that could influence students to have good morals, and have led students to have noble personalities. All of these things were aimed at implementing Islamic teachings, both in attitudes, skills and actions towards the entire academic community.


Pendidikan Karakter Krisis Moral Penilaian Guru Madrasah Tsanawiyah

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Abqori, M. S., & Subiyantoro. (2023). Pendidikan Karakter di MTs Al Ma’had An Nur Bantul. QuranicEdu: Journal of Islamic Education, 3(1), 56–70.