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Epistemology was a branch of philosophy that discussed how sources of knowledge could be trusted to be true. In the world of Sufism knowledge was used as a source of truth. One of the figures who was familiar with Sufism is al-Jili who had the concept of "human being". This research method used library research, researchers would collect various information through various literature found, such as books, journals, and other literature. The result of the research was that human's spiritual journey would lead him to the pinnacle of truth. 'ilm al-yaqin, Second, 'ayn al-Yaqin, Third, haqq al-yaqin, in this phase humans would be illuminated by God's names, God's attributes and God's substances. While active learning was a learning in the classroom that focused on students to be active in seeking and receiving information through the various experiences they encountered.


Epistemologi Tasawuf Al-Jili Active Learning Pendidikan Agama Islam

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Abdillah, M. H., & Soleh, K. (2023). Epistemologi Tasawuf Al-Jili dalam Pembelajaran Active Learning Pendidikan Agama Islam. QuranicEdu: Journal of Islamic Education, 3(1), 1–19.